My Ecological Footprint :D

My Ecological Footprint :D

This is my result about ecological footprint

What is Ecological Footprint? The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. It is a standardized measure of demand for natural capital that may be contrasted with the planet’s ecological capacity to regenerate.

This is my Ecological Footprint result : 0.35 planets. I am feel confused because I think my Ecological Footprint must be higher.

My biggest consumption (not surprise =.=) is food print  People say ” human eat to survive ” but i don’t think so i want ” survive to eat ” a lot of food

Nowadays I think we are wasting many material in the world. We must have a plant to reduce this problem. By using recycle things, plant more trees, not cut down the tree, protect natural resources………….

By doing these things I think we can reduce footprint 😀





  • The problems that TV cause to Michelle and Colin that is it take much more living-room space than they could space. She prefers watching The Bachelor than talking to her husband.  Their kid become addicted to the movie which is, actually, not appropriate to her age. TV also encourages her to buy unnecessary things.
  • No it does not cause similar problems in my own life. But when I was young, I loved TV, it takes me about 3 hours a day to watch TV more than I study at home. I think it waste my time and useless.
  • In our society, advertising is a very important role.  As a positive way advertise  can help people get to know what new products equipment,…. and they can by what they advertise. When you read the story of Michelle and Colin you will easy to see that advertising is not good as you think. They try to find every way to make you buy their product, they give you some arguments  that very logic to make you think you need it.
  • The benefits that they  were only going to purchase second-hand items, recycled things that effect a lot for the environment. Save the environment is also save for them. They can save the power to manufacture new product, reduce toxic gas pumped into the air. You know when we do not recycled at least our glass or aluminum we cost the earth in power usage, water and oil usage and landfill usage, glass takes up to 4000 years to decompose in a landfill yet can be recycled. Using recycle things also save your money like Michelle and Colin

  • I think i can do it because right now I do not interesting in watching TV anymore even 1 year 😀

  • In my opinion, I don’t like purchasing secondhand items. But from now I will buy some secondhand items to help the environment.
  • I don’t know know of these kind of companies in Vietnam.

How to change cities more sustainable


First we should have think about the government in Viet Nam we must change their minds, or change the state apparatus to sustainable .That is because  sensitive issue here is that government is have more  negative issues that have not solve. For example, they doesn’t provide enough for resident, corruption leading to the currency of the country.

    Second is about the people who live in the country, they should think more about public benefit, save the environment  and development the country
    In conclusion, with small opinion like that  I think  someday HCMC could be more sustainable.

Evaluate your quality of life, happi


I agree with those ideas. Besides money, happiness can be brought by many ways. Love from friends and family are ways that we can find happiness. Moreover, success also brings us happiness to. When we satisfied with what we have we also feel happy about it. Money somehow brings you happiness but it just material, it doesn’t have feeling. Most people find success is the key of happiness and so do my parents. Not only success in their work but also their family. That’s what a real happiness is.

More money = better quality of life



In my opinion, money is important because everything we use is bought by money. The house we live, the computer we use everyday, the motorbike, the food…we all need money to buy them. People work for their salaries which involve money and you need money to live. Everything relates with money.

The statement is true the more money you get the better quality of life. We can see it in the real life. Rich people they live in luxurious houses. They are able to buy the expensive cars. They wear beautiful and famous brand clothes. They don’t have to worry about anything. However, poor people live completely different. They have to work hard everyday just to earn a small amount of money. Their houses are not big and beautiful. Clothes they wear are not from a famous brand. They have to think about the money all the time. That’s why if you want a better quality of life, you may want to have more money.

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